Friday, July 16, 2010

Doug Varone and Dancers

Poetry in motion is Doug Varone and Dancers. At the Bates Dance Festival on Thursday evening in Lewiston Maine, the audience witnessed a torrent of movement. Varone is sculpting the space his dancers move on. Using lush music, lightening and costumes the evening enveloped the senses with a richness and breath taking awe. So many bodies that moved in complex patterns. First with darkness, and then revealing the brightest light.

Boats Leaving (2006)

Eight dancers standing still scattered onstage
Sacred music fills the auditorium
The dancers move deliberately, at first
Following one another
Wanting to touch
Not wanting to leave each other
They move more forcefully, passionately with grace
They collapse
They shake and twitch
They let go
With quiet conviction
One by one they exit

LUX (2006)

The moon is low on the horizon
Eddie Taketa begins
The rest of the company joins in
Effortless Diving Dropping Rolling
Swooping graceful arms
Dancing as fast as you can
Moving even faster
The moon is rising
Constant beautiful flurry
Exploding as one
Exploding as a whole
And suddenly
The moon is at the top of the sky
Peaceful quiet
Eddie Taketa claims the starry night

A poetic ode - to a beautiful concert.

Stay tuned, Varone and Company will be returning to Maine in February 20011 at the Merrill Auditorium with Portland Ovations.

Doug Varone and Dancers Thursday and Saturday July 15 & 17 at the Schaffer Auditorium 8pm

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